QNET: 15 years of global outreach!

www.professionalnetworker.wordpress.comThis special month of September, you need to congratulate yourself for what you have accomplished so far. When you look  back you can see where, when and why you started your journey with QNET. You can then appreciate all the work, effort and courage you demonstrate during that period of time. Today you can proudly celebrate with QNET for:

  • 15 years of giving hope to the hopeless
  • 15 years  of redefining people future
  • 15 years of meaningful global impact and on local communities
  • 15 years of dreams pursue
  • 15 years of hard work
  • 15 years of powerful leadership in the Networking Industry
  • 15 years of premium services
  • 15 years of constant innovations
  • 15 years of strong relationship with all IR
  • 15 years of deep and pure love…

As we celebrates QNET 15 years anniversary, we spare a thought for our fellow independent Representatives in countries which experience political unrest, civil war and more…

It’s time to get prepare for a big future. You need to redouble your effort because the race is not yet over.  You need to reequip yourself with courage and perseverance. The most important thing is to be filling with love because we have a billion hearts to touch by 2015.

Long-life, success all around for Each and every one and Happy birthday QNET!!!!

3 thoughts on “QNET: 15 years of global outreach!

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