Raise the bar higher! The oath of excellence of the QNET Independent Representatives


It’s a proven fact that today  the industry of network marketing is full  new entrants. The market is on perpetual movement. They propose so many product and services that which overwhelm your email box. So it’s very important to differentiate yourself from the crowd. There are so many beautiful birds in the sky but eagle is single out because it flies higher than any other bird’s species. Shouting “Raise the bar higher!” will single you out.

As a representative of QNET you are aware of the RTBH campaign that recently has been launched by the V that will last the rest of your life because it’s the reaffirmation of a culture of excellence. That’s begins by you! Many IRs aren’t aware like they would that we are in the most challenging profession. Your efficiency depends on how sharpen is your competitiveness. So Raise the Bar Higher demands the following:

1.      Maintain your head High!

At the question what’s your profession? If you hesitate before answering: “professional networker” you are not yet ready to shout “Raise the bar higher”. It’s an attitude. You are taking the decision to adopt a consistent and professional attitude at all time. You are agreeing not to bend before any situation, circumstances or challenge.  Keep looking straight before you.

2.      High ambitions

You can’t be a successful Independent Representation as well as professional networker without a high level of ambition. Ambition is contagious. If you are not ambitious nobody will show it in your organisation. Take initiatives and let your down-line do the same.  Initiatives develop potential. You have to do it in accordance with number 7

3.      High mastering of the basic and business tool

Begin by the beginning. It‘s very important for you to master the basic. Furthermore you have to familiarise with your business tool. It is for your own good. Thomas Aquinas said: “Timeo homo unius libri” (I fear a man with one book). It simply means: he respects a man who is expert in his field. Go back to the basic and restart all over again. By doing so you are shouting “Raise the Bar Higher

4.      High knowledge of yourself, your company and what you sell

Changes occur after a serious and a deep introspection. Know your qualities and talents, sharpen them more. Identify your fault and work hard on them. What your up lines and down line are reproaching you, must disappear after” shouting raising the bar higher”

As a professional marketer, you have to know your company you work with. It will be a shameful thing if you stammer when it comes to speak about QNET. There is nothing to hide. Everything is in your business tool.

At last you have to know exactly all the product in your e.shop, the price, their specification, all about them. How can you recommend a product to a client without knowing what you sell? It’s obvious! Knowing what you are doing will add to your confidence.

5.      High standard of professionalism

All success is the fruit of self-discipline and personal toughness. You have to adhere to QNET Ethics, embrace P&P and apply your professional marketing flyer’s recommendations. Also you have to learn to use properly Social media. “if you are careless about it. Your business will be call a “SCAM”

6.High quality presentations

Our job is to do presentation. Not something else. If you are not expecting your prospect to say “Yes” don’t bother yourself to do the presentation. Your presentation must be reasonably concise, exact and short. You have to dress accordingly…

You should consider these few steps: meet first time, socialise, befriend, close friend then presentation.

7.      High attention of the training in your network for duplicating them faithfully and rigorously

Be watchful of all the training that takes place in your organisation. Make sure your member read the right books. Train them according to their level. Repeat again and again the basic and the same training till it became a song for them. Pays attention to any small details

8.      High challenge for yourself and your team

Set high challenge for yourself and your team that will keep you motivated. You will then break your limits every time such as athletes. You need to beat your commitment of the day and the week.

9.      High impact on your local community

Raise the bar higher demands to be a positive influence for your local community. People have to praise QNET by your good behaviour and good doing. You have to set a model for people to follow. You will recognise this by how much people want to associate with you

10.  High influence of your leadership

“If you have to present yourself as a leader that means you are not”: meditate on it.

Let‘s raise the bar higher

Happy networking


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